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Working moment: Wayne Baskett comments on some Phrases from the just watched interview. (KOFFEIN - Kuznetskiy 22.09.11)
It seems the Monday (23.05.11) meeting at "MAKAO" was quite enjoable for our British guests Jay and Victoria and so was for Russian constant members of IBClub. Check out the 1-st VIDEO above.
The first Meeting at MARRIOTT HOTEL- March 07, 2011. Olga (new IBClub guest) is The ONLY GUEST Today: Tomorrow is March 8 Holiday. So... she is enjoing ONE-to-ONE with HUW LONGTON - IBClub's new British instructor.
Ok, now we've fully restarted our meetings after May Holidays at "MAKAO". The new Thursday instructor Wayne Baskett(USA) & as always old and new Russian guests are enjoing the profound depths of American English (12.05.2011).
IBClub's New and old members at MARRIOTT HOTEL (10.03.2011).
The first and the last full meeting at MARRIOTT HOTEL- March 14, 2011. We are moving to MAKAO Cafe.
The first Meeting at "MAKAO" (The VIDEO - above) (21.03.2011).
Last day of JUNE 2011. Summer hit. Air Conditioning at MAKAO Cafe. New Members of IBClub. Wayne Baskett.
Olga Nikolaeva - one of our constant Members is rejoining IBClub in ThE NEW Season at KOFFEIN (Kuznetskiy) (12.09.11)
New IBClub members are ready to hit the new Season (2011-2012) at KOFFEIN (Kuznetskiy).
IBClub constant members + new guest Sergey joined us today at KOFFEIN (Kuznetskiy) (19.09.11)
Russian and Turkish IBClub members are in a Business exchange + enjoying Canadian instructor's (Rory) English Language new input.
Philip Port (England) is explaining to Russian members English language subtleties (Costa cafe, 20.05.2010).
Tatiana Vedenskaya writes her books in Russian, and practices with us her English (Costa cafe, 31.05.2010).
Petr - one of the first IBClub members - is back after one year and just in time for a new season (19-th August, 2010. The first Meeting at Costa/Tverskaya 23).
Working on some routines combining with chat - Canadian guest instructor Randal with IBClub's members (September 9-th, 2010. Costa/Tverskaya 23).
Jesse - our guest from Australia (the one in a hat) didn't see the Photo from the previous meeting with Alex in the Hat (February 03-d, 2011. Costa/Tverskaya 23).
George Cheremsky with IBClub constant/new members (October 18-th, 2010. Costa/Tverskaya 23).
THE LAST MEETING IN COSTA CAFE (Going to be closed down very soon) Huw Longton - IBClub's new British instructor and Russian members (February 17-th, 2011.)
Steven Rambow to the New and Old Members: "Ready for a new Season?!" (26-th August, 2010. Costa/Tverskaya 23).
One of the funniest meetings, not because it's the first one for Dasha and Alexandr, or Alex is headed off for a quick smoke. But because Laughter and The English Language always go hand in hand (January 24-th, 2011. Costa/Tverskaya 23).
Ben (our Australian guest, the one in the hat) impressed both with his accent and sense of humour.
Paul (in a white shirt) was our first guest from England - July 2009.
The girls are enjoying the meeting.
Steve is between two Tatianas (the second is angry, though).
Everybody is listening to Steve - the American host of IBClub.
Ivan(USA) and Myke(France) are sharing English Language and Business experience with Russian members (March 2010).
No Comments - only fun!
The New Club members Andrey and Olga have come across our guest-instructor from Liverpool (March 15-th, 2010).
Richard Lines and constant IBClub guests (April 26-th, 2010).
Dana's performance is always great at the Club (April 5-th, 2010).
The first Meeting at BUDDIES CAFE - June 2009.


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